What Our Residents & Families Say…

At Greenwood House, we know it’s about more than just being able to “talk the talk” when it comes to delivering the highest quality care in a loving and compassionate environment. We are fully committed to “walking the walk” for every resident, every day of the year. After all, it’s part of our long-standing tradition of care, comfort, and support.

Norma Rogin Testimonial
Richard Knight Testimonial
Lori Hedden Mawhinney
Elaine Levine Testimonial
Patricia Peterson Testimonial
Debra Kanter and Morton Gasner Testimonial
Frank McGraw Testimonial
Victoria Kent Testimonial
Lori R. Schlosser Testimonial
Joanne Hastings Testimonial
Patricia Nevius Peterson Testimonial
Jayne Everitt Testimonial
Dan Goodman Testimonial
Debbie Dubin and Family Testimonial
Katherine Fagin Testimonial
Mindy Mann Testimonial
Tony Dickson Testimonial
Susan Michniewski & Douglas Meckel Testimonial
Frank and Wendy Testimonial
Thank You Letter from Lucy J’s Family
Angie Leamann Testimonial



We invite you to watch the following testimonial videos from real Greenwood House residents and clients to get a better understanding of our commitment to quality care and services.





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