Skilled Nursing

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Residents of our skilled nursing center – The Robert and Natalie Marcus Home for the Jewish Aged – are the very heart of our community. We consider them family. Our top priority is to ensure they enjoy unsurpassed comfort, dignity and quality of life.

Built on a tradition of care, comfort, and support, we offer:

  • Comprehensive medical, nursing and nutritional care
  • 24-hour skilled / subacute nursing care
  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Social and recreational services
  • Wellness-focused lifestyle
  • Kosher style dining

Caring, Compassionate, Competent.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals provides care and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residents are visited by our medical director or other physicians at least once a month for a wellness exam and more frequently if necessary. Our Podiatry Clinic is staffed by specialists and dental work can be done at Greenwood House.

Team members include:

  • A board-certified medical director
  • Board-certified geriatricians who provide counseling and clinical evaluations
  • Podiatrists and dentists who keep regularly scheduled clinical hours on site
  • Over 100 licensed nurses & certified nurses aides who provide daily care and support
  • Physical, occupational & speech therapists who provide rehabilitative and restorative services
  • Social workers who develop plans of care to meet individual psychosocial needs

Comfort & Support … Social Services

Our Social Services Department provides services to new residents and their families both prior to and at the time of admission to aid in the transition to the nursing home environment. Our staff provides counseling and support, and strives to develop a partnership with families that will enable residents to achieve the greatest quality of life throughout their stay at Greenwood House. A social worker is always available to assist in addressing any concerns that may arise, dealing with age and loss, or behavioral functioning and mood changes.

An Enriching Lifestyle

We believe staying as active and involved as possible is an important part of overall well-being, so we have an entire activities staff who plan diverse recreational and social opportunities designed to keep residents mentally, physically, and spiritually engaged. Programs are tailored to individual preferences … A typical day may include games, music, arts and crafts, exercise programs, discussion groups, pet therapy, outside entertainment, and much more.

For those who need more individualized programs, the activity staff provides sensory stimulation to enhance the resident’s senses through smell, touch, sound, and sight.

Family members, friends, volunteers, local school and community groups, dogs and other family pets are all frequent visitors to our home and enrich our homelike atmosphere.




Our dedicated board, staff and volunteers are the very heart of Greenwood House.

225+ Staff Members
100+ Volunteers
1,000+ Annual Members
61 Board Members
800+ Women for Greenwood House Members


Engaging Lifestyle

Kosher style Dining

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