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Dear Friend,

Five years ago, my mother’s dementia got so severe that she needed round-the-clock care right away. I called Greenwood House to see if there was a room available for her. Much to my surprise and relief, the response was, “How is Thursday!”

My grandmother had been a resident there 26 years earlier and my mom always told me, “When it’s time, just drop me off at Greenwood House.” Thank goodness her wish could be granted. 

Greenwood House’s membership campaign has enabled the provision of exemplary senior care for  80 years. Gifts to the campaign offset the $1M deficit between state reimbursement and actual cost of care.

Before mom got there, she was so confused and we thought we were losing her. Then, arriving at Greenwood House, she was greeted by some familiar faces and so many smiling and energetic staff members. Within weeks she seemed to bounce back! For me it was a miracle.

Three years later, my father took a fall that would forever leave him wheelchair-bound. And so it was that Rita and Paul would sit side by side in their wheelchairs at Greenwood House- holding hands like they had for their 65 years of marriage. They lived their last few years together at Greenwood House, where they got the best care possible. 

For the staff that took extra time to give my Dad a salute, the daily hug and kiss, the back scratch that he craved, sang to him for an hour straight on the day that he was dying, fed my mom every meal, laughed and cried with her, I am forever grateful.

Please join me today in renewing or enabling new support to Greenwood House by making an annual gift or pledge. We are so fortunate for the care and professionalism of this non-profit home in our community. I’m honored to do my part to ensure we have Greenwood House for countless years to come. 

Through your generosity Greenwood House meets residents’ needs with the utmost skill and compassion. Please consider a personally meaningful gift to our 2019 Membership Campaign.


Sherry Havier 
Grateful Family Member

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