The Care Within: 5 Benefits of In-Home Care Services for Seniors

Senior living, staying at home, home care, oh my! If you are caring for a loved one and are weighing your options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Caregivers simply want what is best for you, whether that means they provide the care you need at home, or you make the mutual decision to move to a community. At Greenwood House, we believe that if you desire to remain at home, you should be able to do so. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that your loved ones need to provide your care. In fact, we can take care of that for you. 

“At Greenwood House, we know the benefits that remaining at home can give seniors and their families,” says Beth Brobst, RN, BSN, Homecare Director of Nursing at Greenwood House, a not-for-profit, mission-based senior living community located in Ewing, New Jersey. “This is why we provide in-home care with Greenwood House at Home. Offering an array of services, from safety and fall risk assessments to homecare and personal care services from dedicated team members, we can provide the dedicated care, attention and quality you expect from a senior living community – right in the comfort of your own home. It’s no secret that many seniors wish to remain in their homes for as long as possible, and we are happy to provide them with the ability to do so, complete with the care, enhanced independence and services they need.”

The Benefits of In-Home Care for Loved Ones

In-home care can be optimal for many families for a number of reasons, consider some of the benefits that in-home care can provide:

  1. Receive Care in a Familiar Place. There’s no place like home, and we know that. Home is where you are comfortable, where some of your best memories were made, where you’re familiar with. This can make receiving care easier, while you still enjoy everything you love. 
  2. Expert Care On Site. Instead of fully relying on a caregiver to provide care they may or may not be trained to provide, those taking advantage of homecare can receive expert care from trained professionals. This not only takes the burden and stress off of caregivers and family members but it can prevent burnout and provide greater peace of mind. 
  3. Support with Household Chores. Often, your loved one’s care team will help with light housekeeping. Whether that means vacuuming, doing dishes, prepping meals, shopping or taking care of laundry, they ensure your loved one has everything they need. ​
  4. Companionship. If you are unable to spend time with your loved one, you can rest assured in knowing they have companionship and are not isolated. Caregivers can provide support and comfort to your loved one. 
  5. Family Can Still Serve You. Just because your loved one is being cared for by an expert team, it doesn’t mean you won’t be an active participant. Showing your loved one you care by serving them and honoring them is one of the best things about homecare. Help out when you can, where you can. Come visit, spend the night and enjoy your loved one’s company – just as you did before. 

Recognized by the generosity of Shirley and Harold Silverman, Greenwood Homecare provides valuable community resources for those who wish to remain in their own homes, but don’t have the care or support to do so. Our caring team will work closely with you and your loved one to determine what services are needed to create the optimal care plan for the lifestyle they need and deserve. 

Once a care plan is set in place, our RN supervisor will make home visits, provide phone support and stay in touch to ensure satisfaction. If additional services are needed, they will also be facilitated. 

To learn more about Greenwood House and our homecare services, including how we can benefit your family, give us a call today at (609) 358-0425.

You’ll Love the Way We Care

Offering an array of services including skilled nursing, assisted living, rehabilitation, homecare and hospice care, Greenwood House offers care with a higher purpose. As a not-for-profit, mission-based community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. 

When we opened our doors in 1939, we made a promise to care for seniors, and as their needs evolve and change, so do ours. We take pride in meeting various needs and desires, and providing a lifestyle that enriches lives, increases peace of mind and ensures care for today and tomorrow. 

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact our team today at (609) 358-0425.